IAALDE Society Membership Application

Please refer to the IAALDE bylaws. All member societies agree to uphold the IAALDE bylaws


 Any not-for-profit professional society may become a member of IAALDE based on these criteria:

a.      Has an elected governing board.

b.      Has an established membership application and renewal process.

c.       Produces a peer-reviewed conference.

d.      Has a dedication to advancing scientific and practical understandings of how to teach, how learners learn, and how technological systems can more effectively support education.


Full details of member expectations are specified in the IAALDE bylaws.


In order to apply for membership in IAALDE, please fill out the following form:



Or print, fill out, scan, and email the following form to mailadmin@alliancelss.com.



Society Name:                                                                                                                        


Description of Society Mission [max 300 words]:                                                                 


Society Conference(s):                                                                                                         


Contact person name:                                                                                                            


Contact person email address:                                                                                              


Contact person phone number:                                                                                             


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Society Website:                                                                                                                    


Link to Society bylaws: